I'm Anna Alfaro, entrepreneur, psychologist, coach, writer and lover of wellbeing, inner and spiritual growth and beauty.

Nowadays I accompany those who feel and want it, in their processes of change and transformation through individual or group sessions. In these spaces we access all the potential that the person has inside, their own resources and great possibilities through the work we do together (coaching, therapy) and other tools that I use because of the great usefulness they have had and still have in my own path: meditation, journaling, breathing, rituals in general (yin yoga, vinyasa, kundalini).

I also spread the word about wellbeing and ways of living in a more authentic and aligned way through my own channels (this space, instagram, my podcast Slow Talks)), in my book “Yoga para equilibrar tus emociones” with Editorial Planeta and I am waiting to continue publishing others. I am also collaborating with other media through articles or interviews. And of course, through my membership, Dentro Studio, a monthly subscription in which each month I work around a topic. A space to keep growing, working internally and experiencing the process that each one needs. In the Studio there are videos, audios, texts... with meditations, visualisations, workshops, coaching proposals, writing exercises, yin classes, vinyasa, kundalini, free movement, reflections in the blog space, talks with people I’m also inviting to the space…

About Soul Stories

I have always felt the imperative need to write. On paper, on napkins, in my diaries, on the computer, in drafts of emails....

In 2008 I created my first blog and since then I haven't stopped writing and sharing in an open and public way both in a journal space and in newsletters. Today my weekly letters come from this space, from this substack in which I intend to share even more, if possible, from authenticity, freedom, from intuition and, in short, from the heart. Here you will find everything that makes me move, feel alive, what inspires and excites me, daily reflections that I feel should be said so that we can all reflect on them, I will share experiences and moments of my life and my way of responding to them (in a more intimate and profound version, as well as audios with extra resources, both in the paid version) so that we can grow and inspire each other.

I hope that this space feels as alive as I feel it myself. That it nurtures, inspires, moves you and is a common space for people to come, read and share their visions as well. That’s specially possible through the paid version, and with all our sharings, be able to create some sense of community.

There is a lot out there about what we should say or write, communicate, ways of doing branding and marketing, but this space is about the heart, sincerity, about transmitting what I feel in every moment and hope to reach those of you who are on the other side, somehow.

I would also love to hear from you, from those who follow me, leaving comments in the spaces allowed and receive your likes to identify what you like the most.

Here you will find reflections, resources, tools, everything that crosses my path (or my mind) and I feel valuable to bring here, also my proposals and workspaces, since my mission is to accompany other people in their moments of change and transformation to live well, either personally or professionally.

Thank you for being here.

With love,



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Anna Alfaro

Emprendedora, psicóloga, coach, escritora, gran apasionada del bienestar, del crecimiento personal, de la creatividad, la belleza y del vivir bien.